Vintage Leather Bracelets

Local Leather Worker/Designer, Vicki Brown

Vicki’s home had been Northern New Mexico in her youth.
Coming back home this talent is right at home here with our
working cowboys, ranchers, tourists and home town folk.

These are some of her “Wild, Wild, West” collection;
bracelets made from vintage leather belts.
They come in two sizes, 9″ and 7.5″ closed.
Several she has made are adjustable with two heavy duty snaps.

This amazing machine can stitch through almost an inch of leather.
Rarely is that ever needed, but, we believe in having the best tools for the job.

Qualities that our designers share are, community, compassion, and a willingness to give back. Vicki has made hundreds of custom gear for New Mexico State Police at bargain prices. These civil servants need the equipment, and she has expressed her gratitude for the hard and dangerous work they do, making sure her custom gear is affordable, quality and custom fitted. These black bracelets are made from hand tooled samples she created for them to choose from.
As the Director of Upcycled, I can personally add that she takes our dedication to mentoring youth and adults seriously. Anytime we can pass our skills on and help someone gain confidence in adding another “notch to their belt”, we count it as a success. This is a students very first leather project. Not only did she send him home with knowledge, but, she personally sent this young man, and another, a starter kit because she believes in their character! That is what makes our designers and our philosophy different than most businesses.

Vicki has made hundreds of customs designs including purses from prize Pendelton blankets, trench coats, leather wedding albums, wallets, belts, and on and on…

Contact us if you are interested in more of Vicki Brown’s creations…
We are excited to feature more of her work in the feature and report on the progress of our mentorees.


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