Upcycled Leather Jacket to Vases



I have loved transforming bits of leather into beautiful home decor.
Living in the mountains in the Southwest, this is a perfect addition to my home and makes amazing hostess gifts.
When I can’t think of the perfect present for a guy…
Leather change jar or pen holder for his desk.

Leather Vases 2

In the photo above, all 11 vases were made from the same jacket!
The bases of these vases are all recycled glass. What ever glass vessels I find, and the size of the leather, dictates the organic shapes that they become. The glass allows them to be used as fresh flower vases. The leather hardens in its’ new state and can be rinsed in cold water to clean the dust. It keeps its’ color and shape.

Admittedly it has taken a bit of time to develop a knack for working the two components together to become a harmonious sculpture, but, it has been a fun journey working in a new media.

Pop into our Shopping pages to find one for yourself or as a gift, or, let them inspire you to look at an old leather garment in a new way. If you do create something you are proud of, please share with us on our Facebook page.

leatherVase2 leatherVase3

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