Succulents are all the hype right now!

These cute, hardy plants are extremely popular among many ages and audiences. Succulents make awesome gifts for anyone and everyone, from college students to office workers. Succulents range in size and appearance, which makes them appeal to many people.

Fill some mugs as a gift for guests at your next Sunday brunch

This swan candy dish makes a perfect small arrangement for the office
Hen and Chick & Dragon’s Blood Sedum

Recently, succulents have become popular home décor items, and for good reason. Many people get creative with what they put their succulents in- teapots, old mugs, candleholders, terrariums… the possibilities are endless! Not only are succulents easy to care for, but they are inexpensive compared to other popular houseplants.

We love this organic plant food for our air plants and succulents. Every Sunday everyone gets a spray.


We made tons of planters from old records. They have been a hit at our local farmer’s market. We thought we were so smart… a drain hole is pre-placed. 


Succulents require little energy, as they only need to be watered once a week and need somewhere around six hours of sunlight per day. Succulent plants are perfect for areas prone to drought, as they require little water and are very hardy.

Rock wall with Sedum is located in the arid southwest mountains in Northern NM. Drought is something we work with. Sedum is a great rock wall addition, adding texture and color while needed practically no care. This Sedum can go for a month with no rain.

There are many different types of succulents and each plant has a fun, unique appearance. They are easy to propagate. This flat is all new starts from one plant. We literally just plucked them off and stuck them in soil!

Hope you are inspired to start your own arrangement. Surprise someone with a living gift.


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