Red Wool Quilter Packs


Our fabric bundles are all pre-washed before cutting. We are thoughtful about cutting carefully regarding size and grain. The pinked edge makes it easier to handle and limits potential fraying.

This 6×6″ pack of 10 red wool pieces gives a quilter lots of creative leeway. These packs were made from a ladies blazer. We couldn’t remake it into a garment, so, it can be a quilt or parts of appliqués. We also keep our packages very competitively priced.

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Description has a mission of creating jobs for women to work from home. This is extra important as we live in Northern New Mexico in a large county that has a population of less than 5,000! All of us have common values; growing our food, being as self-sustaining as possible, and having gratitude for a quiet life in the mountains.

We hope you enjoy the products we lovingly put together for you.


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