Plant starter / Hanging Vase


This charming hanging vase has a glass base with wire and jute string to hang.
Ideas for it’s use:

  • Add sand and a votive candle. Spilled wax is easy to clean up and protects from the wind if outside.
  • We like to prune our house plants to keep them healthy, but hate throwing away what could be new starts. Add water and hang in a window; more greenery and give the whole thing away as a hostess gift!
  • It’s a great hanging vase for fresh flowers. Buy a couple and hang them on a wall.
  • Fill with candy and leave on someone’s door knob as a secret admirer or for a job well done.

They are approx. 5 ” high and 3″ across. The designs are very similar to the ones featured. Shabby chic and unique.

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