Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow – Custom


Custom Tooth Fairy Monster to befriend your little one & comfort them when they are ready to get their “big” teeth. 

This sweet little Monster also lost a front tooth. Yours comes with a back pocket to securely hold a tooth until the Tooth Fairy leaves a reward. This Monster would love a name, a friend, and will be there when it is time to collect your little one’s tooth fairy reward.

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Tooth Fairy Monsters are about 11″ tall and 7″ wide. Your Monster will be made from the garment you send. If it is a solid color, it will be used on the front, prints will be used on the back. Our designers will find a great complimentary fabric, or you can send material for the front and back. Each one is soft, huggable, and guaranteed to be made with Tender Loving Care!

Fill out this form (click, print and send along with your fabric). We will call or email (please add your preference) upon receiving to confirm your package has arrived. You will receive an email the day it is shipped (about 2 days after receipt). Price includes shipping.

Tooth Fairy Monster