Keeping Rusty Patina

We love updating well used, functional, and vintage items.

This tool box is about 40 years old. It has slight dents and a bit of rust. Just enough to make it interesting but still have integrity to become the next unique home decor.

Wouldn’t it be a great surprise to redo Dad’s tool box or some other cherished item?

Tips on how to redo your own:

Wash with soapy water. (We have great “green” cleaner if there is any sticky residue.)

  • Steel Wool is your friend. If there is an area that has heavy rust you need to start with a medium steel wool, if there is light rust go for a fine steel wool so there isn’t scratching on the paint. We like to use it wet.
  • Rinse and dry.
  • Use a clear coat spray paint, with a UV protectant and non-yellowing. We like Krylon. Of course you can choose glossy or flat depending on the look you want. This tool box we decided on glossy because it compliments the glossy bright orange on the inside.
  • Adding additional touches like making sure the bottom has a felt or similar material to keep it from leaving any scratches if it is moved about. This also gives it a professional look. We added the same material on the bottom and part way up the insides giving it a finished look and extra protection for whatever is housed inside.

Lastly, be proud that you or someone else will continue to enjoy your vintage piece and it’s history in your family.

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