Hand Quilted Blankets – Honoring Our History

Scrap quilts have been a mainstay
in American History, since America!

Our family and friends respect and honor what we now call “sustainability, and homesteading”. I grew up (I’m mid-40’s) making do and not being wasteful. My Great Grandmother, Lela Belle Welty, was early 20’s, newly married, move from the city to become a farmer’s wife, and BAM! The Great Depression…

I would love to say that my talents as a seamstress, my love of growing, canning, cooking, candle making, reinventing everything, came from my very best friend, Grandma Lela. But, no, she truthfully wasn’t very good at any of these things. What she had, her best talent, was an amazing attitude.

What I learned from her, is with or without these skills, you can make do. You need to laugh as you plug along. Value a great attitude and that will help you persevere better than honing domestic skills. Grandma made it through trying times making use of everything. Yes, the saving of bread bags, washing butter tubs for storing leftovers, the whole shebang.

With that lesson, scrap quilts hold a new spot in my artistic space and a connection to my valuable time with her. I hope you can see a bit of the “no resource wasted” sensibility of our amazing Great Depression Generation.

A wonderful quilter in California heard what we are doing here in rural NM. She asked if she could donate her scraps. YES! Here is a box of pieces that came in the mail.

Look at what our designer created from some of these.

We think it a great fun going through these boxes and see what we can create with the palette and textures another fiber artist had used.

We look forward to writing more quilting blogs.
These scraps have inspired us to make many more Upcycled Home products.

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