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A huge honor, was one of 12 businesses in New Mexico selected for a special award from WESST for giving back to the community. A very professional business incubator, that has been our champion for over 12 years...

Anita Marie Moss, Director
PO Box 364
Mora, NM 87732

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41 Twin Pines Rd
Guadalupita, NM 87722 was conceived by Jean Nichols. It began as a non-profit organization and the mission remains the same, to "Create jobs in rural New Mexico for those who need to work from home."

I took it over as my own company at the beginning of 2015. Upcycled still has many different designers and young people working with us. As the director then, I also designed, sewed, worked shows, photographed products, managed designers and so forth. What seemed to be holding back some of our growth was time consuming grant writing to pay my small stipend and the expectations regarding business as a non-profit. I plan to find a way to make this business grow and replicate it in other rural communities without having to adhere to typical non-profit/grant/governmental expectations. I know there is a way to use viable products that others think of as waste and create something beautiful with value, all the while creating jobs for people who want them and need flexibility.

I have volunteered in my communities since I was a child. I see myself as an optimistic realist. That being said, creativity, passion, and hard work, I believe, is still the ultimate combination to create success. Cheers to all of you who have looked at our products. If you are purchasing, thank you for your support. If you are looking at us as inspiration, I hope we have done so and wish you much success in your own journey.

Carpe Diem!